About Us

Hi - Lynnee & Pauline here! We are here to share our journey as we "simplify & prosper" and invite you to do the same. The most productive and healthy days have been when we have things in order and our minds are clear. We want to inspire others to simplify and prosper. This does NOT mean you need to throw everything out.

This is also personal for us. Our youngest sister lost her battle with depression 3 years ago. We want to help others get out from the cloud of overwhelm.

We are sisters from Rockford, IL now calling California our home. We still have our midwestern sensibility while enjoying the sun out west. Our kids span elementary school and high school ages.

At Simplify and Prosper, Lynnee shares organization and simplifying tips (as this is her wheelhouse) while Pauline designs the checklists and toolkits (as she is the crafty design maven).

You can also find us over at Chica Circle (www.ChicaCircle.com) where Pauline shares craft & DIY inspiration (and Lynnee is behind the scenes). 


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